Changing Property Managers

Changing Property Managers is Simple!

Changing property managers is a common occurrence and straightforward. Most of our clients have come from other agencies!

Changing property managers will not affect a current lease in any way. The lease agreement is always between you and your tenant, and this does not change. Frontdoor Property will provide a seamless transition, taking care of everything.

We have created the following template to make it as easy as possible. You will find your required notice period on your current Management Agency Agreement.

Just copy and paste the text (with changes if you wish) into an email to your property manager today. Copy us into the email and leave the rest to us!

Dear [Recipient Name],

Re: Transfer of management for [Insert Address]

Please be advised that I will be transferring the management of my property from your agency to Frontdoor Property effective from [Insert Date].

A Frontdoor Property representative will contact you shortly to make the appropriate arrangements to collect the files, keys, and other relevant documentation.

Thank you for your past services, and I appreciate your full cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition.

Kind Regards,

[Your Name]

Top Five Reasons to Change to Frontdoor Property

Our extensive database and Priority Rental Alerts feature for tenants makes marketing simple.

Online booking - tenants have 24/7 access to view all rental properties and book a property inspection from a computer, phone or tablet.

Application process - tenants apply online, and we will carry out a detailed assessment of their references, plus identity and tenancy database checks, before presenting you with the most suitable tenant.

Lease signup - before the tenant moves in, Frontdoor Property will provide documentation regarding your property's condition in a detailed report with photos. The detail in this document offers you the most significant protection in ensuring your property is returned at the end of the tenancy in the same condition the tenant leased it in (minus normal wear and tear, of course).

Looking after your tenants - we work hard to ensure your tenants feel valued and cared for. Prompt and effective communication and property maintenance repairs are vital.

We encourage your tenants to take care of your property and stay on for the long term. Less tenant turnover and lower vacancy periods are what's it's all about!

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