Property Management FAQs


As a landlord, you have contractual obligations to your tenant as well as a general duty of care. You will also want to ensure that your property's value is maintained and enhanced.

Frontdoor Property is on hand to help you achieve each of these objectives with the minimum of fuss.

Changing Property Managers
Landlord Insurance
Tax on Rental Income
Tenant Selection
Rental Payments
Condition Report
Water Usage
Repairs and Maintenance
Keyholding Service
Rent Reviews
End of Lease
Can I change from my current property manager to Frontdoor Property?

Absolutely! You can change managing agents without affecting your current tenancy in any way.


We will provide a seamless transition, taking care of everything. 


We have created the following template to make it as easy as possible. You will find your required notice period on your current Management Agency Agreement.


Just copy and paste the text (with changes if you wish) into an email to your property manager today. Copy us into the email and leave the rest to us!

Dear [Recipient Name],

Re: Transfer of management for [Insert Address]

Please be advised that I will be transferring the management of my property from your agency to Frontdoor Property effective from [Insert Date].

A Frontdoor Property representative will contact you shortly to make the appropriate arrangements to collect the files, keys, and all other relevant documentation.

Thank you for your past services and I appreciate your full cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition.

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]

Do I need landlord insurance?

You deserve proper protection for your investment property and the belongings that you provide for your tenants. Landlord insurance also helps to safeguard rental income as well as giving legal liability cover. 

Frontdoor Property can organize landlord insurance for you and arrange payments of the insurance premiums on your behalf. This service is a benefit many other property management companies can not offer.

How do I reduce tax on rental income?

All rental income arising from a property in Australia is taxable, regardless of the landlord's tax status. 


Income tax is payable on the profit generated by the letting of your property. However, you can use certain deductible expenses to minimize your tax liability, such as:


  • Our management fees
  • Interest on loans
  • Council and water rates
  • Insurance
  • Gardening and lawn mowing
  • Strata fees
  • Cost of repairs, maintenance, and improvements
  • Pest inspections


For a complete list of expenses for which you can claim an immediate deduction, please search the ATO website under "Rental Properties" or "1729".

If you are unsure of your liabilities, you should contact a specialist tax accountant. Frontdoor Property can provide a recommendation upon request.

How do you market my property?

Today’s tenants look in one place for rental properties – the internet. That is why your property will be advertised on Australia’s major real estate websites -,,,, and

Frontdoor Property has a network of relocation agents with whom we contact directly about available rental properties. Corporate clients relocating from interstate and overseas are a great source of tenants. 

We don't just do inspections on Saturdays; we are available to tenants when they are. A private viewing is a great way to "sell" a property and gauge the tenant's suitability. 

What does tenant selection involve?

We are dedicated to placing the most suitable tenant on your property. We are looking for tenants with employment and financial stability who we believe will take care of your property.


Tenants undergo an extensive assessment procedure. Our referencing service minimizes risks and ensures the lease goes smoothly.  


To give added protection against problem tenants when leasing your property, Frontdoor Property has become a member of NTD - Australia's largest national tenant and public record database. This database also checks passport and license details and brings back any public court and bankruptcy records the tenant has.


NTD is utilized by real estate agents and other businesses such as banks, utility companies, institutions, insurance and finance companies.


A 100 point ID validation confirms a tenant's identity, and tenants are personally shown through your property so we can further gauge their suitability.


We keep you informed every step of the way, and based on our assessment and the information gathered - you have the final say.


How are rental payments made?


Frontdoor Property will collect the rent fortnightly or monthly from your tenant. We will make immediate contact with tenants if rent is outstanding as we have a zero-tolerance policy for rental arrears.


We pay the rent directly into your nominated bank account and send you a monthly statement via email. All statements paid and upcoming invoices, and you can access a complete financial breakdown for your property anytime by logging in to your owner's portal.


At the end of the financial year, we will provide you with a summary of your property's income and expenditure. 


How much bond do you hold?


The bond is equivalent to four weeks' rent in NSW. Bond is claimed at the end of the tenancy in the event of damage to your property (reasonable wear and tear excepted).


The bond is deposited with the Rental Bond Board for the tenancy duration. It is released at the end of the tenancy once all parties are satisfied.


Why is the condition report so important?


It is crucial to ensure you have a professional and detailed Ingoing Condition Report setting out your property's condition and contents before you lease it. The report serves as a definitive record of the property's condition before tenants move in and will protect you in the case of dispute at the end of the tenancy.


Who pays for water usage?


Who pays for water usage depends on whether your property is separately metered and if specific water efficiency measures are in place.  To claim back water usage from your tenant, we will help you meet all legislative criteria.


How do you manage repairs and maintenance?


We have contractors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond promptly in the event of an emergency. 


For day-to-day issues, your Property Manager will liaise with you and your tenant to ensure that each problem receives the most appropriate response. If a repair is needed, we have a carefully selected network to provide the highest quality workmanship at the most competitive rates. All our contractors are licensed and insured. If you wish, we can use contractors that you nominate. 


To respond to minor, non-urgent repairs, we recommend that you give Frontdoor Property the authority to respond to repairs and maintenance of up to $350 without reference. This ensures the work is done quickly and with as little hassle to you as possible. 


Just another way for us to look after you. 


Do you have a keyholding service?


Property keys are held securely by Frontdoor Property and made available to our carefully-vetted contractors when required. All keys are barcoded and electronically logged in and out of our office. This also facilitates property inspections and allows us to gain access if there is an emergency.


How do inspections work?


Even the best tenant may not notice the early signs of a potential problem with the property. Frontdoor Property will undertake an inspection 3 months into the tenancy to ensure that the tenant has settled in, and every 6 months after that to ensure your property is being looked after. 


We will send you a full report after this visit, including color photographs and details of any work we think is needed to maintain your investment value. 


Of course, you are welcome to attend any inspections with us. 


Alongside maintenance issues, our Property Managers are experts in dealing with the day-to-day running of all types of properties, whether houses or apartments, large or small. This may involve dealing with your strata company, contacting utility companies, paying your rates, or finding your tenant a reliable cleaner.


We take our rental property management very seriously!


When are rent reviews conducted?


Rent reviews are conducted annually in line with legislation. Reviews are based on the condition of the property, comparable rental properties in your area, current market conditions, and the quality of your tenant. 


Frontdoor Property will negotiate any rental increases and tenancy renewals on your behalf – all complimentary as part of our service.


What happens at the end of a lease?


We will automatically notify you when the end of a lease is approaching. At this point, we can discuss your preferences for re-leasing. 


The high quality of Frontdoor Property’s rental management service means that many of our tenancies renew beyond the initial term, helping you minimize vacant periods and maintain your rental income.

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